WHMSubs Cpanel Auto Account Creation

Software allows you to automate the creation of cPanel Regular User Accounts, Sub-Resellers User Accounts, easily Bill them, provide a Support Ticket System and register domains on-the-fly!

You can manage as many cPanel Servers and Hosting Plans as you want! This software is the ideal solution for any hosting business using cPanel!

Main Features

  • Complete Control of Quotas/Resource Limits available to Reseller Creator
  • Automated Reseller Account Creation (One Step)
  • Admin and Client Login Areas
  • IP Pool - IP Address Manager (IP usage and availability)
  • Multiple Cpanel Server Support (Add as many servers as you have)
  • Lets Resellers Create Unique Reseller Packages
  • Create and Limit Types of Sub-Reseller Accounts
  • Stores All Users Sub-Resellers/Account Types/IP's
  • Easy upgrade to PRO V - Registration - Billing - Support - SubResellers

Integrated WHM Reseller Center Features

  • Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Features (ie. unlimited pop accounts)
  • Allow Package Edits (new)
  • Account Creation
  • Account Termination
  • Account Upgrades
  • Add Domains
  • Add/Remove Packages
  • Allow creation of packages with Addon Domains
  • Allow creation of packages with Parked Domains
  • Delete Domains
  • Disallow creation of accounts with non-global packages or not owned by the user
  • Edit DNS Entries
  • Edit MX Entries
  • Enabling/Disabling FrontPage Extensions
  • Enabling/Disabling SSL Support
  • Enabling/Disabling SubDomains
  • List Accounts
  • Mail Trouble Shooter
  • Never allow creation of accounts with shell access
  • News Modification
  • Park Domain
  • Password Modification
  • Reset Shopping Cart
  • Resync Ftp Passwords
  • View Account Bandwidth Usage
  • View Account Statistics

For more information, visit www.webstyleopen.com

We can install WHMSubs for $25.

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