wget on FreeBSD

If you are coming from Linux, you will find wget missing on FreeBSD. Many programs that relay on wget will stop working on FreeBSD.

For downloading files, FreeBSD use "fetch". To download a file with fetch use

            # fetch http://bizhat.com/game.zip

If you really need wget working, you can do one of the following, first method is symlink. Today i was installing qmail-ldap, the instruction says wget, i have changed it to fetch and executed and it worked fine. So i though of a symlink, that will do the same with out changing wget to fetch or installing wget on FreeBSD.

            # ln -s /usr/bin/fetch /usr/bin/wget

Now every call to wget will invoke fetch. You can install wget on FreeBSD from ports or even download the source and compile it your self. To install wget from ports, do the following.

            # cd /usr/ports/ftp/wget
            # make install clean
            # rehash

Now you have wget installed on your FreeBSD server. I recommend using fetch with symlink as both wget and fetch do the same job.

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