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vBulletin is professional Internet forum software, which is used by thousands of corporate organizations worldwide. vBulletin can be used to develop online communities and forums of any size, small communities or large community's vBulletin can easily handle a large numbers of users on the website.

Developer vbulletin.com
Language PHP, MySQL
Demo forums.bizhat.com
Price Proprietary, Commercial
installation Charge $10

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vBulletin is a widely known forum platform that has virtually endless potential. It allows you to have complete control over your online board without the need of installing any additional plugins or addons, and simultaneously it provides your members with a simple, easy-to-use interface and great user experience. Some of the notable features of vBulletin are:

We will help you install vBulletin on your server. We will ensure that your vBulletin installation is performed according to vBulletin best practices for optimized performance and reliability.

Our vBulletin installation services are designed for the customers those want to get started with this platform in a perfect manner. Order this service to let our expert team handle the start of a great community. With our extensive experience with vBulletin based forums we know the best things that can work for you.

Forum software is usually quite tricky to deal with and vBulletin is no exception. If you want to avoid unnecessary headaches and upgrade your forum to latest vBulletin version then we are willing to help you!

We guarantee that your forum data will be retained after an update or convert and we have a long list of clients to back that up. We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround time and flawless execution.

Installation Charges

vBulletin Installation $10.00
vBulletin Upgrading $20.00

We can also do vBulletin forum move to different web server, price will be depending on size of web site.

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