Server Security

Don't leave your new linux server open to attack!! Secure it now before a hacker takes control!!

So you just got a dedicated server from one of the many un managed server hosting companies?

Or maybe you have seen them and are so tempted to get one because the price is so low but you are worried that you simply don't know enough about linux or server management so you don't want to take the risk?

You are NOT alone - we WILL help!

We will configure your server, bring it up to date with the latest packages, install a firewall and much more!

Every day and every hour a hacker breaks into a dedicated server somewhere and wreaks havoc. Companies can lose their entire business in an instant! Years of work can be wiped out, not to mention the damage to your reputation..

From the moment a server goes online it is vulnerable and becomes a target for attack by hackers, 'script kiddies' and criminals. Once a server is compromised there is no alternative but to reformat and re-install the entire operating system - a time consuming process that your host will charge for!

If you already ordered a dedicated server somewhere, take a weight off your mind and get server setup service now before its too late!

Here's an overview of what we will do for you:

  • Secure SSH 2 on non default port
  • Disable Password based SSH login/root login (extra security)
  • Update latest system software
  • Install various security patches.
  • CSF Firewall Installation.
  • Secure /tmp and /var/tmp
  • Disable insecure PHP Functions (if needed)
  • Root login email alerts
  • Brute Force Detection and blocking
  • mod_security Installation
  • Hardening /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf
  • Sysctl.conf hardening and tuning
  • Optimise Apache Web Server
  • Daily malware scanning and reporting with maldet
  • Disable unused and insecure services
  • Limit get, fetch, and compiler for non privilaged users
  • Update apache, cPanel, and other system software
  • sysstat installation
  • Advise you on methods to keep your server secure in the future.

We can do server setup for $50

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