Restore full Backup / cpmove file

This allow you to restore a backup taken through Cpanel. Today a client asked for restoring his domain, he uploaded the Cpanel full backup to public_html folder of his site hosted on the server. The File was backup-10.30.2006_13-20-46_topwallp.tar.gz

To do the restore, i moved this file to /home folder.

            # cd /home/hostingd/www
            # cp backup-10.30.2006_13-20-46_topwallp.tar.gz /home/

The user name of the site that need to be restored in this case is topwallp

To restore, run the command /scripts/restorepkg CPANEL_USER_NAME

            # /scripts/restorepkg topwallp

This will restore your account with all passwords same as in old server. If you already have the domain setup in the server, remove it before restoring the backup.

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