RAQdevil - Free Hosting Control Panel

RAQdevil is a Free Hosting control panel for FreeBSD servers.

RAQdevil is a web control panel application, developed by iXsystems and based upon the Sun Cobalt RaQ550 software. Sun released the code for the RaQ under a BSD-style license in December of 2003 and the code was then ported to Fedora Linux by the BlueQuartz project.

The RAQdevil is software that provides web based management of multiple aspects of a server. RAQdevil manages system users, web sites, email, DNS, and other common server components used for web hosting.

The RAQdevil project differs from BlueQuartz in several ways. Perhaps the most noticable is that RAQdevil is designed to run on FreeBSD, the operating system widely acknowledged as the most stable and secure operating system for x86 servers.

Installing RAQdevil from ports is easy.

# cd /usr/ports/www/raqdevil
# make
# make install

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