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PhpBB is the premier open-source bulletin board software. You can quickly and easily start your own forum or message board to begin building your online community. PhpBB is highly customizable, easy to use, and efficient.

Language PHP, MySQL
Price FREE (Open Source)
installation Charge $5

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PHPBB is the most famous opensource free forum software. No other bulletin board offers a greater list of features, while being that efficient. The administration panel allows customization of even the most complex features and integration into an existing site is easy, both without having to edit code.

We install phpBB forum software and its modifications. Whether you want a simple phpBB forum or forum with extra functionalities we can do it.

phpBB Script Installation isn't the only service we provide but also provide updation, customization and Integration of forums according to your website structure and design with forum maintenance services.

Installation Charges

phpBB Installation $15
MOD Installation $10
phpBB Upgrading $20

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