The ModernBill Billing System is the most advanced automated and recurring billing solution on the market today. Designed specifically for the Web Host, ISP and WISP industries, no other billing system comes close to providing all the features, flexibility, and functionality of the ModernBill Billing System.


  • Multiple control panel support - Modernbill supports many control panels and can integrate with many control panels simultaneously. So if you wanted to manage two Cpanels servers, five Plesk 7 linux servers, three Plesk 7 Windows servers, six Ensim 4.0 servers, a DirectAdmin server, a Hostopia server and an Interworx server simultaneously, you could. Customers love choices.
  • True Automated Domain Registration - Our supported registrars combine for over 40 TLD choices. Be aware that some billing products claim domain registration automation but can only handle gTLDs (com,net,org, etc) and do not work properly if you have more than one server to manage.
  • Support for over 20 payment gateways - You never know when you will need to switch merchant providers. Choose a billing solution with choices.
  • Autosuspend/Enable - Eliminating delinquency is the #1 chore for billing hosting customers. Modernbill automates this process by giving your customers fair warning and then suspending their accounts for nonpayment. Accounts are re-enabled upon payment immediately. All of this is done without your work.

We can install and configure ModernBill with your web hosting control panel (Cpanel/HELM/Plesk) and enable payment gateway for $40.00

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