Install SSL on Cpanel Server

1. To install SSL on a domain name you need to host it on a Dedicated IP address..

2. After you assiged dedicated IP, you can login to whm and create CSR ( Certificate Signing request) & private key pair.

When you generate it , you might have to give following info. Here is an example.

Mail Address the Cert will be sent to: [email protected]

Host to make cert for:

Country (2 letter Abbrivation): IN

State: Kerala

City: Kochi

Company Name :

Company Division : Webhosting

Email : [email protected]

Password : smahost

Note : It depends on the hostname. For the SSL certificate there is different between &

3. Now, you can go to your SSL venor and order the SSL certificate during the order you may have to give CSR info.

Also you may need to select server type and you can give following info.

"Apache + MOD SSL"

4. After you place the order you will get your SSL bundle via email.

5. Login to WHM again and click on "Install an SSL Cetificate and Setup the domain". After that you will see follwing field.

A. "The crt may already be on the server.
You can try to Fetch it or paste the entire .crt file here:"

In the text area, you can cut and paste your certificate which is .crt file.

B. You an provide the following info.


User: username

IP Address:

C. Private key autamatically will get from server.

"The key may already be on the server.You can try to Fetch it or paste the entire .key file here:

D. You should have got these files via SSL vendo and you can past it in following filed.

"Paste the ca bundle here (optional): "

5. Finally, please click the Do it button on right top corner.

6. You are done, go to

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