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OpenSource Video Broadcasting Solution

ClipBucket is not limited to just Videos, but it’s a complete Multimedia Management script and lets you manage Videos, Photos & Audios All together on One Platform. Make it convertible to any form of Web application.

Language PHP, MySQL
Price Free (Open Source)
Installation Charge $10

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ClipBucket is an Open Source and freely downloadable PHP script that will let you start your own Video Sharing website (YouTube Clone) in a matter of minutes. ClipBucket is the fastest growing video script with the most advanced video sharing and social.

Multiple Video Conversion - You don’t have to convert videos one by one. Convert as many videos as you want at the same time.

HD Conversion - Got a high definition video that you want to reach to users without losing quality? You got it. ClipBucket supports upto 720p videos.

Unlimited Video Handling Support - ClipBucket is free and has no limit on how many videos can be uploaded or watched. You have the complete control. Do things the way you like.

SEO Friendly - It is important to make things easier for Google bots so they can index your website faster to make sure you reach as many people as possible. ClipBucket takes care of this headache for you as well.

Easy To Operate - You don’t have to be a techie or anything near that in order to be able to run a video sharing website. All you need to know is the basic knowledge of how websites work and you are good to go.

esponsive - No matter how big or small a computer or laptop screen is, ClipBucket makes sure that your website looks good in all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Friendly - With rapid increase in use of mobile devices, ClipBucket team has made it completely mobile friendly which means you don’t have to worry about user smartphone users anymore.

Cross Browser Compatible - Safari, Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer and all other major browsers are supported.

Plugins Functionality - Need some extra features or functionality added into ClipBucket? You got it pretty easy. Add a your desired plugin and that’s it.

Themes Functionality - Need a different look for website? You are just one click away. Install ClipBucket themes and transform your website in the way you want in matter of a few click.

Complete Photos Support - Photos are supported just as well as videos and ClipBucket is perfect for starting a photo sharing website too.

Collections - It allows you to create collections and add items to them. You can allow users to do the same.

User Friendly - ClipBucket is designed with user’s care as top priority.

Complete BootStrap Support - ClipBucket uses BootStrap which means you can implement your codes with far more ease.

Channels - Like YouTube and other major sites, ClipBucket also allows you to create channels.

User Profiles - Every user that signs up is given a separate unique profile section (like YouTube, Facebook etc) where he can make all the edits he wants such as different channel header, profile picture, bio, interests and much more.

Friend Requests - To make ClipBucket a social media tool, we have also added connecting support. You can add your closed ones as friends and have fun together.

Groups - You may even create groups to communicate to even larger audience.

Block Users - To avoid users annoying each other, ClipBucket allows them to block people. If a user doesn’t want to see any other user, they can simply block him and solve their problem.

Multiple Players With Skins - ClipBucket has more than one video players to help you easily transform your website into anything you like.

Ads Managers - It is easy to monetize a ClipBucket powered website with ClipBucket’s built-in Ads Manager.

In Video Ads - It also supports ads inside videos in start, middle or end of the video.

Social Login - It allows user to login with their social accounts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Modules Help - ClipBucket helps you in installing it properly by guiding you about current status of your installed modules.

Video Duration Repairing - It can make your life easier in different ways.

Comprehensive Video Editor - Admins or user who has uploaded a video can make edits and change a wide range of thigns.

Well Structured Database - Database is cleanly structured and easy to work with.

Playlists - User can add videos to their playlists to watch them later. There is no limit on how many playlists can be added or videos inside those playlists.

Favorites - Users can also add videos they like to Favorites section.

Private Messages - Messaging ability is also available. Users can send simple text based messages to each other or even attach videos with them.

Complete Backend Control - Admin controls every single thing using a Graphical User Interface. Those controls include user registration, video size limits, comprehensive video manger, user manager, stats and much more.

Essential Control In Hand Of Users - Admins aren’t the only ones with power to change things. User can change their stuff as well such as name, bio, profile picture and other things.

Constantly Updated - ClipBucket is the most frequently updated video sharing script in the world at this moment. That pretty much explains everything.

Highly Secure (Completely MySQL injection free) - No one is going to get into your website by any means. ClipBucket constantly works to make ClipBucket more and more secure.

24 Hours Live Support - If you encounter any issues from smaller to critical ones, we have a talented and dedicated support team always ready to help you.

Active Community - ClipBucket has an active community where users and ClipBucket team members help users , point out bugs, suggest feature upgrades and more.

Upgradeable - Every time a new version of ClipBucket is released, you don’t have to re-install it. You can easily upgrade it keeping all your content the same.

Light Weight - Even though it has so many features, it is still light weight and smooth in work.

Comprehensive Yet Easy To Understand Statistics - ClipBucket offers beautifully organized stats to admins including different things such as new users added, videos added, videos size and more.

Video Reporting - User can report inappropriate content with matter of few clicks. Admin can then decide if report is legitimate or not.

Comments - Any website without interactions is dead. ClipBucket offers a well structured commenting system where users can engage in conversation with other users.

Related Videos - Related videos are also shown based on tags, title and description similarity.

Smarty - Smarty is a template engine that makes editing ClipBucket much more easier and fun.

We can provide ClipBucket Script Installation for $10

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